Taking a LEAP into the future

   Once we accept our limits we go beyond them.

Albert Einstein

Following on from our recent shortlisting at the Chichester Observer and Gazette Business Awards we have used our LEAP grant funding to launch a refreshed website that builds our brand and strengthens our presence. We’re thrilled to share this with you today.

Our dragonfly is core to our brand, it represents the major transition that is possible to become everything we should be. Here’s why.

Dragonfly nymphs (the infant and development stages of the insect) spend several years underwater, preparing themselves for the next stage of life. They are brown and, to coin a phrase, buglike. Perhaps not the prettiest of beings as they dart around the bottom of the pond building strength, they grow steadily and playing an important part in the lifecycle of the pond.

Eventually they reach a point when they know they are not meant to be underwater any longer, they are ready to fly. It’s a tricky time, leaving them vulnerable as they focus on the major transformation they are about to go through but if they are to become everything they should be it is essential. They must break free of their original form and, spreading their wings, take on their glorious colouring, finally leaping into the air and into a new era.

That’s what it feels like that for us right now. Not only have we launched our new website but we have developed our product range and we are thrilled to have taken on a new member of staff, Felipe Gaitan, an Environmental Strategist, who is perfect for the services we offer. Those following our blog will have already heard from him and we are working together to continue to build what we can offer to our customers.

We’re getting out and about, having exciting conversations with the largest rail organisations, who are key clients, as well as various organisations of all sizes in a range of sectors. We’re excited about our memberships with IEMA (the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment), the Institute of Directors and more recently the Gatwick Diamond Business Association and, in honour of our dragonfly, our corporate membership of the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

We know from our collective previous experience and as a rapidly growing business how challenging transformation is. We also know the potential it unlocks for those ready to lean into it, embrace the possibilities and take that leap into the air. We have built our own strategy using the same principles we use to enable our clients transformations so we know they work, for people and for organisations.

There’s a reason we say that businesses take off. Just ask the dragonfly!

Check out our beautiful new website at www.catalicity.com and arrange a chat over a coffee with us soon.

Our thanks to Liz and Brad at Grafica by the Sea (web design) and Kate Burbidge at Pearson and Parish (copywriting and editing services) and of course, to the LEAP fund for supporting this project!

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