If I only had C… C… Courage

   Courage may be the most important of all virtues, because without it one cannot practise any other virtue with consistence.

Maya Angelou

It is a common theme for us humans to have moments in time where our fears got in the way.

It may have been as a child, or it may still be something of a barrier as an adult, we all work through things in our own ways.

But what if you have decided that you want to tackle something big? Maybe you have had enough of the way someone’s rights are being put aside, or you have an idea that could revolutionise a waste stream that you deal with. Or maybe something that’s even bigger than that.

Deciding that your values lead you to work on such things is the first step to finding your commitment to the cause. Identfying the strengths you have already is essential, those are the foundations from which you must work. But rising to a challenge that has yet to be defined can be daunting and requires confidence to take action.

Imagine then, that an organisation has decided it is committed to a new range of values that mean change for everyone. This is the bravest of moves. Suddenly the vast majority of the team is entering new territory and fears can surface. Some might thrive on a new challenge but others may need to work through their fears to find the courage to move forwards.

The commitment begins with the board. Finding the courage to commit to brave actions as an organisation when others are waiting for someone to take the lead is critical if the organisation is to move forward. Even then, deciding whether to simply adopt what others are doing or create your own path may require courage depending on what you want to achieve. The outcome may become a differentiator for you but it is very easy to simply wait and watch what your peers choose to do.

This makes it a marketing choice. What is the brand you want to be? What kind of employer do you want to be? How will your investors view the actions you are proposing? Once committed how will you ensure your team are just as keen to commit with you?

So many questions can lead to stagnation through fear of the uncertainty the change will bring. Rising to a new challenge, or building on one you’ve already started to work on is daunting and many decisions are taken to avoid risk entirely. Taking no action or delaying a decision is just as much of a choice as setting a clear plan to do something new.

Working from your foundations of values and strengths, tackling any fears and blocks you have identified is the way to find your courage to move forwards. Supporting your team to use the same principles and work through their own fears creates a positive path towards action and the ultimate goals you have identified.

Fear and uncertainty are natural reactions to change, particularly in a world that is in a continual state of flux.

Courage is all that is needed to take the crucial first steps.


Catalicity uses the ‘Four Elements’ Coaching Model to work through four stages to unblock teams and individuals to enable organisational change. You can find out more on our website.

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