Time for change

   I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.

Aldous Huxley, author of a Brave New World

There is never an easy time for change.

Sometimes we can make sure things happen in a controlled way, with a board decision and a rollout programme including support to help the team adjust.

Sometimes shock events lead to rapid change and the process is painful for everyone.

Or it may be that change is gradual, incremental and not noticed until it’s already affecting the business.

Regardless it is never the perfect moment and rarely painless.

As a result it can seem more attractive to focus on the changes that must be made, the ones that have clear solutions where someone can answer the question ‘what does success look like?’.

It gives the feeling of control, ownership, leadership.

But there are pressing issues that require our attention as business leaders that mean change is essential whether it feels like the right time or not. External factors such as climate change mean we must adapt to ensure our businesses are resilient to expected and unexpected impacts but the real potential is to improve the way they function by using resources more efficiently, reducing costs and perhaps even redefining our services and products to help others adapt too.

These changes are daunting and it is all too easy for business leaders to choose to put them in the ‘too difficult’ box, or decide they are someone else’s responsibility. It takes courage to recognise when it is time to move from one place in the world to another.

We are already going through such a change whether we like it or not, or even recognise that it is already happening.

For many organisations it is apparent through the growing pressure of legislation that behaviours need to change. Others are seeing it through increases to their supplies and logistics costs or maybe more direct impacts such as flooding or wildfires.

But responding to change of this scale incrementally is not enough to strengthen your organisation for the long term.

Catalicity uses the dragonfly as a symbol of the degree of change that is needed.

In its early years the young dragonfly nymph lives underwater. It is perfectly content mooching around feeding on other insects and avoiding being eaten. But there comes a point when it knows it must leave the water. It finds a stem and climbs into the air to find a brave new world. It then goes through an incredible transformation. For a time it must pause to take a risk to develop, evolve and focus only on its metamorphosis. With patience it will perfect its wings, harden its body, show its true colours and take flight entering a new life in a very different world.

We are here to support businesses who are ready to take a new approach and prepare for transformation, working with you to redefine your values and recognise your strengths to create holistic strategies across the sustainability spectrum. We will help you to develop capacity within your teams to deliver embedded transformations to become the business you want to be.


Visit our website for more details of our programmes or call 07985 610626 to discuss your plans. 

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